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Export - Flours, Grains & Animal Feed Products

China Flour Mills Operates in 18 Countries, Sells in 140 Countries


China Flour Mills offers for export, wheat flours, animal feed products, pre-mixes, cereals, brans, grains and a full range of agricultural products.

These products include wheat, durum, barley, corn (maize), sorghum, rye, oats, triticale, coarse and specialty grains.

The company supplies products for animal feed including, cattle feed, pig feed, chicken and poultry feed, horse feed, equine feed, livestock and aquaculture feed. Products include wheat bran pellets, feed grain, feed beans, feed peas and lupines.

China Flour Mills is a leading exporter of origin grain from the EU, Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Brazil, Argentina, the U.S.A and Canada. Other emerging markets include Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

International customers can purchase grain ex-farm/silo/holding store on FOB (Free-on-Board), CFR (Cost-and-Freight) basis, FIS, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDP or as required. Bagged and packed in export containers or in bulk, transport is by road, rail and container or via bulk export terminals.

With a presence in all major producing and exporting nations we are positioned as a premium industrial supplier. We can offer at the best possible price for our wheat flour, animal feed and agricultural products.

We Ship Anywhere - Worldwide.