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Wheat Flour - Grains & Animal Feed Products

Leading Merchandiser and Trader of the Finest Quality Wheat Flours, Cereals, Brans & Grains


China Flour Mills offers for world trade a comprehensive range of wheat flours, pre-mixes, cereals, brans and grains.

China Flour Mills are leaders in the industrial supply of animal feed products for cattle feed, pig feed, chicken and poultry feed, horse feed, equine feed, livestock and aquaculture feed. Products include wheat bran pellets, feed grain, feed beans, feed peas and lupines.

Our products include:

Grain - Wheat, durum, barley, feed barley, malting barley, corn (maize), sorghum, rye, oats, triticale, rice, coarse, specialty grains and agricultural by-products.

Peas - Green and yellow dry peas (whole and flour).

Beans - Whole dry beans and bean powders, bean leaf and straw for fodder (animal feed).

Feedstuffs - Soybean meal, sunflower seed meal, rapeseed meal, cottonseed meal, peanut meal, linseed meal, copra meal, palm-kernel meal, tapioca, citrus pellets, sugar beet pulp, molasses, glycerine, corn gluten feed, dried distiller grains (DDG), corn germ meal, feed beans, feed peas and lupines.

Vegetable Powders - Potato flour and starch, tomato powder, pea flour, vegetable proteins, powders and flours.

Wheat Flour, Meals & Bran - Wheat and industrial flours, meals, durum semolina, white semolina, rye, maize, soy, milled grain, grain blends and mixes, cereals, bran, gluten (VWG), binders, improvers, concentrates, additives and yeast.

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